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Requesting donations for OOTR activities

We are writing to ask you if you are interested in our philosophy and activity, your generosity and support will enable us to continue our research and bring enlightenment to cancer treatment.

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OOTR 13th Annual Conference

9th and 10th June, 2017

Charles K. Kao Auditorium, Hong Kong Science Park


OOTR Education Seminar

3(Thu), 6(Sun) March 2016

"OOTR Education Seminar"


OOTR co-hosts seminar

22 (Thur) January, 2015

OOTR Meeting in Rome

NH Hotel Vittorio Veneto Rome, Italy


OOTR Joint Meeting in Rome (9 December, 2014)

OOTR will co-organise "VII International Conference in Memory of Judah Folkman
- Translational Studies on Angiogenesis and Targeted Therapy in Oncology"

Date: 23 (Fri) and 24 (Sat) January, 2015
Venue: NH Hotel Vittorio Veneto Rome, Italy
President: Dr. Giampietro Gasparini
Co-Chairs: Dr. Federico Bussolino, Dr. Yihai Cao
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Faculty Programme: click here

OOTR Meeting in Rome (9 December, 2014)

OOTR will hold the meeting about "Markers of the Tumor Micro-Environment (TME)" in Rome

Date: 22 (Thur) January, 2015 16:00 - 18:00
Venue: NH Hotel Vittorio Veneto Rome, Italy
Topic: Markers of the Tumor Micro-Environment (TME)

Invited Speakers:
Prof. Yihai Cao - "Vascular markers and TME"
Prof. Giuseppe Viale - "Phenotype/genotype biomarker discordance in the TME"
Prof. Louis Chow - "Tumor infiltrating lymphocytes and the TME"

OOTR Kyoto (
OOTR Hong Kong (

GCGC (4th Global Cancer Genomics Consortium) registration fee discount of 1000 Yen (14 October, 2014)

The registration fee for OOTR members who attend the OOTR co-hosted symposium the 4th GCGC will be discounted by 1000 yen. People who are not yet OOTR Members please take this opportunity to join.

OOTR Members can attend OOTR hosted and co-hosted academic meetings etc other than the 4th GCGC Symposium at a special fee. Also there is the privilage of free subscription to IJBM, partner journal on cancer biomarkers.

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OOTR Education Programme, "Kyoto University, Seoul National University Joint Seminar" (8 October, 2014)

OOTR Education Programme, "Kyoto University, Seoul National University Joint Seminar" will be held

Date: 16 (Sun.) November 2014
Venue:  Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall
Co-hosts: OOTR - Promotion Plan for the Platform of Human Resource Development for Cancer - Seoul National University
Contents: Educational content of young researchers for the treatment of cancer


OOTR the 9th Annual Conference Proceedings have been published in IJBM (24 September, 2014)

OOTR Publications page has been updated with publications for the OOTR 9th Annual Conference Proceedings published in the International Journal of Biological Markers (IJBM). 

OOTR members can enjoy free subscription of the IJBM.
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For the details of the OOTR 11th annual conference, please visit the annual conference page.

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