Guidelines for Travel Grant Applications

OOTR is able to offer a travel grant to a limited number of doctors / researchers / scientists wishing to attend the Global Cancer Genomics Consortium in Kyoto to be held on 14-15 November 2014 for poster presentations in order to partially support their traveling expenses. Travel Grant applications should be sent by either Fax: +81-(0)75-761-5718 or Email: grant@ootr-institute.org.

The Travel Grant Application Guidelines can be downloaded from here (PDF)

The Travel Grant Application Form can be downloaded from here (PDF)


The travel grant is only intended to partial cover expenses. If the amount is not enough then you must seek additional support from your own institution. The amount of grant will be decided on how far you have to travel. Estimates are below;

South Asia - 78,000 yen
Australia - 95,000 yen
Europe - 95,000 yen
South America - 120,000 yen
North America - 110,000 yen
Africa - 95,000 yen
Middle East - 95,000 yen
India - 95,000 yen

OOTR Education Programme

Travel Grant awardees will be given their grants as part of the OOTR Education Programme. Full details of the programme and information about past Travel Grant awardees can be found on the OOTR website. http://www.ootr-institute.org/educationprogramme/

International Journal of Biological Markers

Travel Grant awardees will be given an opportunity to publish their work in the International Journal of Biological Markers. http://www.biological-markers.com/

OOTR Membership

Travel Grant awardees will need to become OOTR Members at their own expense, however the fees for membership will be deducted directly from the Travel Grant. Full details and the application form for OOTR Membership can be found on the OOTR website. http://www.ootr.org/en/news/latest_news.php?id=188