Day1 November 14 (Friday), 2014
Time Title Chairpersons
8:00 Registration  
8:45 Opening Remarks  
9:00 Akihiko Yokoyama "Mechanisms of aberrant self-renewal caused by MLL fusion oncoproteins" Rakesh Kumar
Amit Dutt
9:30 Stefan Knapp "Towards a chemical probe set targeting the human bromodomain family of epigenetic reader domains"
10:00 Hisataka Sabe "Different genome statuses in breast cancer and renal cancer generate the Arf6-based mesenchymal machinery critical for metastasis and poor survival"
11:00 Nuno Luis Barbosa Morais "Alternative splicing landscapes in clear cell renal cell carcinomas reveal novel candidate markers for prognosis" Naoyuki Kataoka
Eijiro Nakamura
11:30 Norman Lee "Methylation pattern, splicing factor expression and splice variants associated with African American prostate cancers promote oncogenesis and chemoresistance"
13:00 Poster Presentation  
13:30 Raja Mazumder "BioMuta and BioExpress: Comprehensive cancer mutation and gene expression results from NGS data and publications for pan-cancer analysis and evaluation" M. Radhakrishna Pillai
Luis Marques da Costa
14:00 Wonshik Han "Comprehensive somatic SNV and CNV profiling for triple-negative breast cancer patients by targeted kinome sequencing"
14:30 Seishi Ogawa (Plenary Lecture) "Mutational landscape and clonal architecture in low-grade gliomas"
15:30 Break  
15:40 Makoto Noda (Plenary Lecture) "RECK: a tumor suppressor downregulated by multiple oncogenic pathways" Stefan Knapp
Louis Chow
16:20 Hiroshi Seno "The role of Dclk1-positive cells in digestive organ tumors"
  Short Presentation Reshmi Girijadevi "An Integrated in-silico Genomic Analysis Reveals microRNA and Transcription Factor Mediated Regulatory Networks in HPV Induced Cervical Cancer"
Day2 November 15 (Saturday), 2014
Time Title Chairpersons
8:30 Registration  
9:00 M. Radhakrishna Pillai "“Persister” cells following chemotherapy generates tumor stem cells and cell heterogeneity to drive tumor recurrence" Nuno Luís Barbosa Morais
Sudeep Gupta
9:30 Luis Marques da Costa "Molecular Signatures of metastases: is bone a useful paradigm?"
10:00 Amit Dutt "Integrated genomic analysis to predict nodal metastasis in head and neck cancer"
11:00 Short Presentation Nobu Oshima "Induction of Cancer Stem Cell Properties in Colon Cancer Cells by introducing OCT3/4, SOX2 and KLF4" Norman Lee
Kiyotsugu Yoshikawa
11:20 Short Presentation Yoshiteru Murofushi "Novel disease model of pheochromocytoma using VHL patient-derived iPS cells"
11:40 Short Presentation Takayuki Kawai "Keratin 19-positive cells possess cancer stem cell properties in human hepatocellular carcinoma"
13:00 Sudeep Gupta "In vitro effects of progesterone in breast cancer - potential targets" Stephen Fox
Shigehira Saji
13:30 Louis Chow "Comparison of gene signatures and gene expression assays"
14:00 Rakesh Kumar (Plenary Lecture) "Lessons from HER2 transcriptome: breast cancer heterogeneity and new pathways" Masakazu Toi
Rakesh Kumar
14:40 Short Presentation Junko Murai "PARP-trapping, a novel mechanism of action for PARP inhibitors"
15:00 Stephen B. Fox "Cancer 2015, a model for personalised medicine"
16:00 Fumihiko Matsuda "Comprehensive human biology using a large-scale genome cohort" Raja Mazumder
Rakesh Kumar
16:30 Short Presentation Dominique Scherer "Pharmacogenetics in colorectal cancer prevention "
16:50 Oral Presentation for the Best Poster Kiyotsugu Yoshikawa
  Poster Award
  Closing Remarks  
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