Poster Presentations for the 4th Global Cancer Genomic Consortium are very welcome. If you would like to give a Poster Presentation at this Symposium please read the Poster Abstract Submission Guidelines document carefully and then send your abstract as an MS Word document to the email address below.

Poster Abstract Submission Guidelines (PDF).

Once you have carefully read the guidelines and are ready to submit your Poster Abstract please email it to: david_graham@ootr-institute.org. Please note* Poster Abstracts that do not adhere strictly to the Poster Abstract Submission Guidelines will be rejected.

Poster Printing Service

By submitting your poster abstract to OOTR, you agree to hand over all copyright for the poster to the Organisation for Oncology and Translational Research. This gives OOTR the right to print, publish, use in online and off line media in any way they wish. Once your poster abstract has been accepted, you will be sent a Copyright Transfer Agreement that you must complete and return to OOTR.

Upgrade to Oral Presentation

There is an opportunity for the very best posters abstracts to be upgraded to an Oral Presentation. Should the Poster Selection Committee decide your poster abstract is of exceptionally high quality, you will be asked if you would like to give an Oral Presentation instead of a Poster Presentation.

Poster Awards

The very best Poster Presentations (or Oral Presentation if you have been upgraded) will be able to win a cash award of up to a total of USD500.