Genome-wide gene expression analyses of lung cancer cell lines identified the additional involvement of focal adhesion signaling pathways in vinorelbine resistance

Takao Nakanishi1, Toshi Menju1, Kei Shikuma1, Terumasa Sowa1, Naoto Imamura1, Makoto Sonobe1, Masaaki Sato1, Tetsu Yamada1, Akihiro Aoyama1, Toshihiko Sato1, Fengshi Chen1, Mitsugu Omasa1, Hiroshi Date1

1 Department of Thoracic Surgery, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, Japan


Dr Kiyotsugu Yoshikawa, Kyoto University, Japan

The level of research and quality of posters were so high and covered diverse topics on cancer research so that it was difficult to choose the best. I would like to express my gratitude to all poster presenters for their hard work and in particular to the winner of the best poster presentation, who discovered the relationship between drug resistance and focal adhesion signaling in lung cancer. The poster session was a great success in this conference.
Kiyotsugu Yoshikawa


実施: 2014年11月15日(土)
審査員: 吉川清次(京都大学)
賞金: 250US$


It was great honor to receive this prize. I’d like to thank the GCGC members for providing me with the great opportunity to present my team’s recent work and awarding me this prize. It was the first time to present my work at an international symposium and I have always been worried whether our direction was approaching to the truth. This prize greatly encouraged me to continue my project to elucidate a more precise mechanism. In addition, lectures from invited speakers gave me much knowledge and motivated me. I hope I can join this symposium again next year and present further reports.